Kempuseum, Brecht

The museum objects are divided into historical themes, spread across the different rooms of the authentic building.


The Kempisch museum, these days referred to as Kempuseum, boasts an extensive collection of historical objects from different centuries. These objects all originate from the territory of Brecht and surrounding area. PUUR came up with a new concept and design for the museum, which now focuses more on experience.

To match the new layout of the museum, the objects are divided into different themes. The themes are linked to the different rooms of the authentic house in which the museum is accommodated. The reception desk at the front has an interactive screen with the map of Brecht. Nextdoor is a space for temporary exhibitions. Archaeology has a beautiful collection that is showcased in dark museum cabinets. The theme humanists has its own dedicated study, as if the humanists were still around. There are other themes upstairs that show life in Brecht through the centuries.

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Brecht, Belgium




Liesbeth Goetschalckx