A-Mode, Estaimpuis & Waarschoot

For the A-Mode fashion chain, PUUR has redesigned two new buildings and turned them into two experience shops where people of all ages are made to feel welcome.


PUUR’s signature is evident from the way the project was approached. After studying the five existing shops, PUUR entered into dialogue with the client. By taking the time to listen, PUUR gained a clear insight into the way the fashion chain operates.

For the appearance of the new shop concept, PUUR drew inspiration from the New York district of Soho. The colourful facades, the authentic shopping streets and the typical facade shapes create a unique experience there, which PUUR wanted to integrate in the two A-Mode shops.


A-Mode, a Belgian fashion retail chain


For the transformation of two new buildings – one in Waarschoot and one in Estaimpuis (near French border) – A-Mode expected an innovative concept that incorporates the strengths of the existing shops. A-Mode was looking for a design company that would give both properties the appropriate appeal. The shop concept had to be independent of the local context, so that it could be replicated in future A-Mode shops. Besides this, a well-thought-out layout and the flow in the shop were of key importance to A-Mode.

End result

The result is two colourful experience stores catering for both young and old. PUUR made the interior three metres high so that it fitted into the space much like a stage set. The top tier is black, which enhances the stage and theatre feel. In the new shops, each age group has its own dedicated zone with an appropriate palette of materials and colours. The interior echoes the vibe and clothing of the age group. To distinguish the zones from each other, PUUR installed facades, each in a different colour. Peppered across the shop, a number of ‘special zones’ were designed in each department, the material and shape of which add a sumptuous quality to the stores.

Project Info



Estaimpius & Waarschoot, Belgium


Waarschoot 1447m² & Estaimpuis 1448m²


Liesbet Goetschalckx