Jan Geysen

Head designer

Jan Geysen is PUUR’s founder and head designer. As head designer, Jan guides the clients to make the right choices for the interiors they need in all areas. In that capacity, Jan closely follows the social, economic and digital changes in society in order to be able to translate these into PUUR’s interior projects.

The small scale and simplicity of the projects which Jan embarked on in the early days have grown into a fascinating and diverse portfolio of projects completed in Belgium and the Netherlands, such as interiors for offices, shops, universities, houses and hospitals. At the same time, Jan is actively promoting the profession of interior architect through his own office PUUR, but also by giving lectures, acting as a member of a jury, writing articles and publishing a book about PUUR interior architects. Jan’s passion is clearly interior architecture in all its facets. Reading books and magazines on interior architecture, visiting interiors at home and abroad and maintaining a broad European network of fellow interior architects are all part of this.

Jan has been a board member of ECIA, the European Council of Interior Architects, for 6 years and has sat on the board of AinB, the Belgian Association of Interior Architects. Jan’s focus in both organisations was on innovation and improved collaborations.

Before starting his own office, Jan gained work experience in different settings: at IN bvba, Contrast, Scatorchia architects and Petra Blaisse’s Amsterdam office Inside Outside.

Jan graduated as an interior architect in 1999 from the then Henry Van de Velde Institute (today University of Antwerp).


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Team members
Kristof Van den Heuvel
Interior architect

Kristof is 'head of projects' within PUUR. He applies his broad experience and extensive knowledge to all of PUUR’s current projects on a daily basis. Especially Kristof's executive and technical knowledge represents huge added value within PUUR. He is responsible for the follow-up of the projects. In his previous position, Kristof was a partner at the interior design office C' aksent.

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Hannelore Huysmans
Team leader

Hannelore fills several crucial roles within PUUR, where she serves as the primary point of contact and as team leader. Since moving to the new office, Hannelore is also responsible for providing daily lunch for the entire team. Her previous work experience includes positions at the Free University of Brussels and both federal and local police. In her last role, she functioned as deputy director at Fedasil in Broechem.

Lies Kenis
Office Manager

In addition to managing the finances, Lies also manages much of PUUR's administration. She also plays an important role in managing the content on PUUR's social media channels. With her creative eye and extensive knowledge of projects, she knows how to highlight the right images beautifully. With a background in tourism at the NHTV in Breda, she spent several years at a travel agency before joining PUUR.

Cynthia Geerts
Interior architect

Cynthia is a full-time interior designer at PUUR and leads daily projects from inception. Cynthia completed her master's degree in interior architecture at the University of Antwerp and has followed a graphic design course. After completing her studies, Cynthia immediately took up her position at PUUR, where she brings her creative added value to the projects with great enthusiasm and satisfaction.

Isaline De Backer
Interior designer

Isaline is an experienced interior designer and uses her expertise daily on projects in both the design and implementation process. With a wealth of experience, she applies her skills to PUUR's most challenging projects. Prior to her time at PUUR, Isaline gained years of experience at C'aksent and in her own projects. She obtained her degree as an interior designer at the Katholieke Hogeschool in Mechelen.

Hilke Salaets
Interior architect

Hilke, a dedicated force in PUUR's team, allows her passion for design and project management to be reflected in her work. After completing a master's degree in "interior architecture" at the University of Antwerp, she now leads projects from concept to realization. Her duties include design, project follow-up, communication with both clients and contractors and managing colleagues. In addition to her work at PUUR, Hilke enjoys engaging in furniture design, renovation, travel, sports and art.

Nena Maksan
Interior architect

Nena, a junior interior designer, brings a mix of skills and expertise to PUUR's team. With a bachelor's degree in office management and a master's degree in interior architecture taken at the University of Antwerp, she supports projects from start to finish. Her skills include drawing in both 2D and 3D, presentation design and technical elaborations. With passion for both digital tools and traditional sketching, she brings a unique dynamic to each assignment.

Asmara Sebrechts
Interior architect

Dedicated interior designer, Asmara concentrates mainly on drawing work where she strives for efficiency and accuracy in projects. After a successful internship at PUUR, Asmara continued working at PUUR as a student. The fine collaboration resulted in a full-time position within the team, after she obtained both her bachelor's and master's degrees in interior architecture from the University of Antwerp.

Liese Michielsen
Interior designer

Liese is a passionate interior designer and contributes to the concrete realization of projects by drawing out plans and customization. Immediately after completing her education 'Interior Design' at the Thomas More Hogeschool in Mechelen, Liese found her way to PUUR. During her studies, she gained experience as an intern at TEN Architects and as an interior designer at Fést, which gave her a versatile basis for her work at PUUR.

Liesbeth Swinnen
Interior architect

Liesbeth recently joined PUUR's team and brings with her a richness of experience. Her duties include developing the creative concept of projects, spatial design, supervision of designers, client presentations, budget and schedule management, and site follow-up. With a graduate degree in marketing, training in interior architecture, and 24 years of experience at Bulo, she is a valuable asset. Her broad interests in architecture, interior design, culture, and photography fuel her constant search for inspiration.