Monar & Clothes, Antwerp

Monar & Clothes, a shoe and clothing shop from Antwerp, asked PUUR to develop the ultimate shopping experience, with a different theme, catering for a specific target group, in each of its rooms.


Six different themes were developed for the concept: school, gym, studio, library, dorm and lab. To respect, and even enhance, the building’s authenticity, an ‘installation’ was devised for each space. Each installation is composed of different elements, matching the theme of each room. The elements are a collection of different shapes, materials and colours.

The end result is a fascinating interior, in which shoes, clothing and accessories are displayed in a special way.

“School” refers to the former school of Sint Lodewijk.
“Gym” is inspired by the old gym that was there originally.

“Studio” is the original studio of Cornelis Floris, a 16th-century sculptor and architect.
“Library” exudes the atmosphere of an old library.

“Dorm” is the idea of a historical show room.
“Labo” has an experimental, rough look.

Project Info



Antwerp, Belgium




Guy Obijn